Mid couplers simplex STST , singlemode


Fiber Professionals. Every installation needs to have flawless fiber, from signal origin to termination. And if not, the end result will be inefficiency and frustration.

Proven in the field. We deliver Live Cable feeds to some of the largest racetracks and sporting venues across America, where mission critical performance is essential to our business

Optimize your Fiber – Some Fiber optic cables don’t always perform to needs straight out of the box, they often need to be coupled to unique lengths or adapted to different male /. female patch cords. Our Couplers and adapters solve the most common problems you experience trying to keep your Fiber flowing

Premium quality at a business friendly price – We provide discounts for bulk purchases so whether you’re installing Fiber to the Home, Business or industrial use, our Fiber helps you keep your business successful and profitable.

Pre-Inspected. Every Coupler and Adapter is pre-inspected for quality. We also use our own products daily on Fiber sites across the USA. We use what we sell, and we 100% support our customer in making the best equipment decisions for your business.

Suitable for all networks. CATV, FTTH, FTTB and FTTP systems

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